The smarter way to buy a home in New York City.

  • What is Jemma?

Jemma is a personalized buying service that gives you 1% of your purchase price back at closing. For buyers looking for a more equitable, transparent, and smarter way to purchase a home, we offer a new model in the New York City market.

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  • What makes our model different?

We believe a new breed of buyer has emerged, a buyer that uses StreetEasy to access listings, a buyer that is market savvy and enjoys searching for their home. This buyer needs a different kind of buying service, and should pay differently for that service.

So at closing, we reward you for your participation in the buying process by rebating you 1% of your purchase price.

How It Works
  • What makes our people different?

Most of our Jemma advisors have JDs or MBAs in addition to their broker license. They’re smart, strategic, and offer a different kind of buying experience for today’s buyer.

It’s simply a smarter way to purchase your home.

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Jemma advisors are here to represent you throughout the buying process, ensuring you secure the right home at the optimal price.

We promise the experience will be rewarding.

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