What makes us the smarter alternative for NYC  buyers.

A different kind of buyer

Thanks to the internet and the proliferation of apartment listing sites like StreetEasy, the search process has become a self-service endeavor for a growing population of buyers. It’s never been easier to search for properties, organize open house tours or set up new listing alerts. The informational advantage has shifted away from the broker and landed squarely in the buyer’s lap.

A different kind of broker

For savvy buyers who enjoy these self-service sites, the broker’s primary function is to provide guidance and consult, and negotiate the best possible price – not to send you a bunch of listings you’ve already seen online. At Jemma, our professionals are sophisticated, strategic advisors that do all the heavy lifting from offer through close. They’ll provide their expertise when you need, where you need it.

A different kind of incentive

Technology now provides a buyer with direct access to real estate listings, but a buy-side broker is still compensated as if this access is available only through them.

We think the market is overdue for a more equitable model. So we reward our buyers with a 1% rebate at closing. It’s just the right thing to do.

How Jemma saves you money


When an apartment is sold in New York, the seller pays the commission, typically 5-6%.

This commission is paid directly to the seller’s broker, and then shared equally with the buyer’s broker. The buyer in the transaction pays nothing (and receives nothing).


We’re using a part of our commission to lower your purchase price. We think that if you’re doing some of the work (browsing through listings, going to open houses, identifying your potential home), you deserve something, too.

So at closing, your purchase price is lowered by 1% (or you’ll get a rebate). And in the New York City real estate market, that 1% is no laughing matter (you can buy new furniture, fund a renovation, or just put it in the bank).


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If your home costs $750k

YOU SAVE $7,500

If your home costs $1.5MM

YOU SAVE $15,000

If your home costs $3MM

YOU SAVE $30,000

If your home costs $6MM

YOU SAVE $60,000

Jemma. The smarter way to buy a home in New York City.